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Plastiras Lake is an artificial lake in the Prefecture of Karditsa. It is an excellent sample of successful human intervention into nature, as the artificial environment “blends” perfectly with the natural one. Only the dam, the impressive arched structure ''surrounding" the water, reminds the visitor of the lake's artificial "character". Massive mountains, lush fir forests, chestnut and oak trees, along with the lake waters, compose a heavenly scenery!


Plastiras Lake is surrounded by verdant hills and beautiful, traditional villages. The most popular is the village of Neochori, which lies on the slope above the lake offering a panoramic view. It is worth visiting the Botanical Garden of Neochori, walking around the place, buying aromatic plants and herbs, as well as enjoying a cup of coffee in a lovely café. Of great interest are the two Environmental Education Centers, one in Neochori and one in Mouzaki village as well as the Flora and Fauna Centre, located in Kastania. Those who like walking can visit the educational forest of Belokomiti, in which special hiking trails for the observation of the natural environment have been created. Really interesting you shall find the cave of Gaki, in Karitsa village, with the beautiful decoration of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as Kaimakias Cave, near the region of Mega Rema.


In Mavrommati village; birthplace of the Greek Revolution hero Georgios Karaiskakis, Karaiskakis Cave lies. Northwest of Karitsa village is the Monastery of the Virgin Mary the Pelekiti, perched on a rocky hillside. From there the view of the lake is breathtaking! Νorthwest of Katafygi the Monastery of Petra; an impressive temple, built beside a huge rock lies. Next to the village of Messenikolas stands the formidable Monastery of Korona. Under a pew one finds the entrance to the Secret School (Krifo Sholio), which operated during the Turkish Occupation. Near the village of Kalivia lies the church of St. Panteleimon, built in a fairytale setting. The place is ideal for picnic as there are benches and tables, and also a fountain with drinking water. Southwest of Plastiras Lake there is the Observatory, with magnificent view to the lake, its fjords and the lush island, the flatland of Thessaly, and the majestic mountain-peaks of the moutain range of Agrafa.


During your stay in the area, it is worth hiking up to the village of Anthochori to admire its waterfall of unique beauty. Do not forget to tour around the lake and wander in the fairytale landscapes surrounding it. The experience is sensational! Plastiras Lake is an ideal retreat for relaxation and contact with nature, away from stress and everyday routine. However, those, who are up for even more exciting experiences, can take up numerous activities, such as paddling, water-bike riding, horse-riding, archery, lakeside cycling, climbing and mountain hiking. And when the time comes for the sun to set and it hides behind the peaks of the mountains of Agrafa and the waters of the lake go darker, then, the visitor realizes why Plastiras Lake is marked as one of the most romantic destinations in Greece!



Plastiras Lake Map Greece



- The dam of Plastiras Lake


- The Botanical Garden of Neochori


- The Cave of Gaki in the village of Karitsa


- The Cave of Kaimakia in Mega Rema region


- The Monastery of the Virgin Mary the Pelekiti near the village of Karitsa


- The Museum of Plastira in Morfovouni village


- The Museum of Georgios Karaiskakis in Mavromati village


- The Tsarouhi (traditional footwear for the Greek uniform) Craft Industry in Katsania village


- The Castle of Fanari


- The forest-village of Dryades


- Stefaniada Lake


- The ski center in the mountains of Agrafa


- Boar with Plums and Chestnut


- Prasotigania (Pork meat cooked in the frying pan with Leek)


- Pies of Thessalia: Hortopita (Veggie Pie), Batzina (Pumpkin Pie with Feta Cheese), Plastos (Corn-flour Batter Pie with Herbs and Cheese)


- Feta Cheese, Graviera Cheese (Traditional Yellow, Hard Cheese) and Katiki of Domokos (Traditional Soft Fresh Cheese)


- Greek Spoon Sweets and Honey


- Tsipouro (a Strong Alcohol Brandy produced from the residue of wine press)


- Local Wine

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Athens

Travelling by car

To reach Plastiras Lake and its neighbouring villages, you can drive from Athens (331 km distance - 4 hours ride) via the National Highway from Athens to Lamia. When you reach Lamia, take the road to Karditsa and after you pass Domokos village and the city of Karditsa, keep following the signs to Plastiras Lake.



From Thessaloniki

Travelling by car

In order to reach Plastiras Lake from Thessaloniki (237 km distance - 2 hours ride), you will drive via the National Highway from Thessaloniki to Lamia. When you reach Larissa, follow the signs to Karditsa and then to Plastiras Lake.

Medical Care

During your stay in Plastiras Lake, you can be served for health issues:


General Hospital of Karditsa which is located at the end of Tavropos street in Karditsa, Tel: (+30) 24413 51555


Health Center of Mouzaki, Tel: (+30) 24450 49100

Useful phone numbers


Police Station of Karditsa: (+30) 24410 80220


General Hospital of Karditsa: (+30) 24413 51555


Health Center of Mouzaki: (+30) 24450 49100


Intercity Bus Station of Karditsa: (+30) 24410 21411, 21001

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