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In Arcadia, at the foot of Mainalo Fir Mountain, Vytina and Lagadia villages are perched. These villages are truly architecture masterpieces!


In the cosmopolitan Vytina village, picturesque streets full of trees, red tiled roofs and old stone houses create a magical scene! Point of reference is the beautiful central square which is dominated by the statue of Constantine Paparregopoulos’, a well-known historian, as well as Matthew Potagas’ statue; Matthew Potagas was a student who was executed by the Germans, in his attempt to block their intrusion to the village. In the same square, there are the Folk Museum and the magnificent stone St. Tryphon’s Church, built with the famous, black, local marble. Around the square, there are bars, cafés, restaurants and shops with local products. Look for Vytina’s Library, with its remarkable historical record and also "Greek School’s" historical building. In its second, smaller, square of the village, the statue of the prominent advocate, Vasileios Economides, predominates. Worth strolling around the narrow streets of Vytina city and heading to the famous "Road of Love". Walking at the fragrant maples and sycamore trees’ shadow, having as unique sound accompaniment the bird’s tweet, you will readily understand why this famous street is one of the most romantic places to stroll in Arcadia; ideal for lovers! Ask locals to tell you the legendary stories about this famous street! After crossing the "Road of Love", continue to Vytina’s west side, where you can visit the old village quarter and the historic Churches of Agion Apostolon (Holy Apostles) and Kimiseos Theotokou (Madonna’s Assumption).


Lagadia, the "Hanging Village" as it is often called, is amphitheatrically built over a steep slope in a creek full of walnut and maple trees. Stone houses, churches and chapels, ruins of old fortifications, bridges and fountains create a dreamy backdrop! The special architectural character of the place is attributed to the local famous craftsmen who taught artisans all over Greece how to carve stones! Just on the canyon’s brink stands the central village square, full of trees, surrounded by quaint cafés, restaurants and shops with local products and handicrafts. Lagadia is divided into two neighborhoods; the Ano (Upper) and the Kato (Lower) one. In Ano (Upper) Neighborhood, there is Deligiannis family historic home. In Heroes Square, the monument of the fallen soldiers stands out, as well as the Archangels’ Church, with the stone bell tower and its belfry with the impressive clock built in 1910. Moving to the Kato (Lower) Neighborhood from the main road, you will find Elementary School’s imposing stone building. Look for the Church of Gounaris’ Panagia which is famous for its magnificent view that unfolds and reaches until the Ionian Sea. Here, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Arcadia! In Kato (Lower) Neighborhood the most important attraction is Agion Apostolon (Holy Apostles) Church, with its peculiar belfry. Across Lagadia, and particularly in Ano (Upper) Neighborhood, you will find several scattered stone fountains. If you find yourself in Lagadia at summer it is worth watching the annual folksong events, which take place in late July.


Both Lagadia and Vytina villages are ideal bases for skiing in Mainalo Mountain. Moreover, the surrounding area offers a variety of activities, such as rafting, kayaking, and hiking, climbing, mountain biking and car 4 × 4 tripping.


"Dipped" into the verdant slopes of Mainalo, in a landscape full of charming images, the "hanging" Lagadia and the cosmopolitan Vytina villages are waiting to unleash their secrets! 



Vytina Lagadia Map Peloponnese Greece



- St. Theodore’s Monastery


- Panagia Sfirida’s Monastery


- Stemnitsa’s village


- Dimitsana’s village


- Elati’s village


- Magouliana


- Nymfasia


- Ladonas Lake


- Lucius Canyon


- Lebidi


- Kolokotronis’ House in Libovisi 


- Rooster in wine sauce


- Lamb in a pot


- Salted Pork


- Game (hare, wild boar, pheasant)


- Chestnuts


- Trachana in local sheep's milk


- Hilopites (traditional pasta)


- Royal jelly from mountain beehives


- Fir Honey


- Herbs


- Nuts


- Local Milk and Dairy products

Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by car

To reach the villages of Vytina and Lagadia you can drive from Athens via the National Highway from Athens to Corinth (182 km. distance - 2 hours ride to Vytina and 205 km distance - 2 hours & 20 minutes ride to Langadia). After passing the city of Corinth, you will follow the road to Tripoli and just right after crossing the Artemisio Tunnel and the tollgate of Nestani you will turn right to Vytina. Lagadia is approximately 22 Km away from Vytina .



From Patra

Travelling by car

To reach Vytina and Lagadia you can drive from Patras via the National Highway from Patras to Tripoli (143 km distance - 2 hours & 25 minutes ride to Vytina and 165 km distance - 2 hours & 45 minutes ride to Lagadia).

Medical Care

During your stay inς Vytina or Lagkadia, you can be served for health issues:


Clinic of Vytina, Tel: (+30) 27950 22222


Clinic of Lagadia, Tel: (+30) 27950 43214

Useful phone numbers

Police Station of Vytina: (+30) 27950 22207


Police Station of Lagadia: (+30) 27950 43333


Clinic of Vytina: (+30) 27950 22222


Clinic of Lagadia: (+30) 27950 43214


Ski Center of Mainalos: (+30) 27430 22229


TAXI (Vytina): (+30) 27950 22619

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