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Holidays in Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino, the prime destination in the Mediterranean, is located in a breathtaking seaside landscape in Southwest Peloponnese, Greece. The environmentally responsible philosophy of Costa Navarino is driven by a genuine desire to promote Messinia while preserving its natural beauty and heritage.


The story began 4,500 years ago. Before long it had blossomed into a rich tapestry of kings and queens, honor and tradition, war and friendship. It continues with authentic experiences that you will live to the full as you join in the olive harvest, learn to make bread the age-old way and discover the secrets of village life. So that you don’t just hear the story, it becomes part of you.


Unspoiled… but easily accessible via direct international flights from several European cities to nearby Kalamata International Airport. Also, within short driving distance from Athens and the port of Patras, this land will welcome you with sunshine and mild temperatures all year round.


Inspired by old Messinian mansions, clusters of west-facing, low-rise villas blend harmoniously into a verdant seafront landscape lined by a 1.5 km sandy beach. This is Navarino Dunes… home of The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort and The Westin Resort Costa Navarino.


The Romanos Resort stands in a lush green beachfront setting that affords unobstructed sea and sunset views. Accommodations open onto spacious terraces or balconies with lounge areas, many overlooking the waters of the Ionian Sea and each ground-floor unit has its own infinity pool.


The architecture, design and layout of the Westin Resort Costa Navarino are fully geared to provide the ultimate family experience all year round… from the special kids’ check-in and family suites to the host of entertainment options for all ages. The resort features low-rise residences built using native stone, inspired by traditional Messinian rural homes, which lie in perfect harmony with the long sandy beach and pristine hillside setting. Affording a mix of gold course and sea views, most accommodations have their own infinity pool, while the thoughtfully designed amenities include zero-entry pools and swim-up bars.


Costa Navarino offers a vast range of entertaining and educational activities for kids of all ages. The Coccon reche offers a safe environment where toddlers from 4 months to 3 years are creatively engaged in half- and fully-day programs. At the SandCastle, children aged 4-12 will embark on a lifetime adventure, learn about the local flora and fauna with a National Geographic program and delve into the world of Greek mythology. All this is complemented by plenty of fun sports and entertainment facilities, including ten-pin bowling, a FIBA standards basketball court and an exhilarating water park with slides and other attractions.


Take a cross-cultural epicurean journey at 21 exclusive venues offering authentic international and ethnic cuisine as well as traditional local dishes. Experience the Omega concept, prominent throughout the restaurants with dishes based on the healthy Omega diet, rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Many of the ingredients used at the restaurants are farmed and producted on site. Finest quality olives and extra virgin olive oil from our own seaside groves, wines made from grapes handpicked at our vineyards, homemade marmalades, biscuits and yogurt. Products that also give you the opportunity to engage in authentic cultural experiences be personally participating in the olive harvest or trying your hand at wine making. Some of the dining venues are located alongside the cafes and bars in the vibrant Agora village center, where you can also enjoy a movie or live performance at the outdoor cinema and enjoy leisurely shopping at over 14 stores offering everything from designer brands to local handicrafts.


At the 4,000 m2 Anazoe Spa, the wisdom of the past meets the science of today. Unique olive-oil treatments (oleotherapy) deriving from ancient Greek practices… signature therapies developed from age-old healing traditions… exclusive products based on wild crafted herbs, rich in naturally extracted ingredients… all offered in a serene environment with world-class facilities.


The par 71 Dunes Course, designed by Bernhard Langer in association with European Golf Design, ventures into olive groves, fruit orchards along with a small river with fantastic sea and inland views. Facilities include a fully equipped golf academy and practice facility, as well as, the 3,500 m2 Dunes Clubhouse. Savor the sublime sea views of The Bay Course, as you play along the historic Bay of Navarino in this pas 71 course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Both courses are operated by Troon Golf, the world’s leading luxury-brand golf management company.


Costa Navarino offers to all visitors a wide variety selection of sports designed to address al guests regardless of age. Outdoor option include hiking, biking, mountaineering, racquet and water-related sports. In addition to surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and kayaking, you can take scuba diving courses up to Instructor level, while certified divers are sure to appreciate the daily fun dives. Also, Navarino Sea Yachting offers a memorable sea experience through one-day cruises, with sailing or motor yachts, joined by expert skippers and crew.


Indoor activities include bowling, squash and basketball at the cutting-edge sports center, plus meditation and workout classes. At Navarino Natura Hall, an interactive exhibition center that makes use of advanced technologies, children and adults can learn all about Messinia’s unique environment in a way that is both educational and fun.

Costa Navarino Messinia Peloponnese Map Greece

In the seaside village of Yalova (north of Pylos), you will find an organized, sandy beach. This beach stretches in front of restaurants and cafes and is ideal for those, who want immediate access to the market. The beach of Yalova continues with the Gold Coast or Divari beach. This is an extensive, sandy beach with shallow waters, ideal for families with children.

At the end of the road, is the organized part of the beach, with sun loungers and beach bar, from which you can get coffee and snacks. Do not forget to bring your scuba diving mask: the waters house “forgotten” shipwrecks, that promise a magical journey through time! At the end of Divari beach lies the Fig Tree Passage. It is a narrow strip of sea, that separates the island of Sfaktiria from the mainland. Try to swim to the opposite shore. The beauty of the beach will reward you for the effort!

Voidokoilia beach with turquoise waters, fine golden sand and dunes, is rightly considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It is mainly famous for its shape (an almost perfect semicircle), which is so symmetric, thus creating the feeling, that is etched with compass! Apart from the astonishing natural beauty, the beach “conceals” archaeological treasures. On the mound above Voidokoilia, ruins of a Mycenaean tholos tomb have been discovered, while on the hill above  Voidokoilia dominates the castle (Paleolastro). Upon the rock, that Paleokastro is built, at the side of the beach, a cave is visible, the Cave of Nestor. The beach is not organized, that is why visitors should bring their umbrella, water etc. Another beautiful beaches in the area is Romanos beach, an extensive, sandy beach.

Those who love peace and isolation, will adore the small beach of Glossa (behind Voidokoilia beach). At the top, there is a very narrow break, which barely allows entry of seawater, creating a dramatic image. For those who want to expererience something different, they can try a swim in the cool waters of the lakes of Polilimnio, such as in lake Kadoula. For the more adventurous ones, the surrounding rocks offer great diving parts into the deep waters of the lake.

Costa Navarino Beaches in Greece. Chrisi Akti Beach Gialona Messinia Peloponnese

Costa Navarino Beaches in Greece. Glossa Beach at Sfaktiria Messinia Peloponnese

Costa Navarino Beaches in Greece. Voidokilia Beach. Holidays in  Messinia Peloponnese

Costa Navarino Beaches in Greece. Dunes Beach. Holidays in Messinia Peloponnese

Costa Navarino Beaches in Greece. Dunes Beach. Vacations in Messinia Peloponnese



- Pylos


- Neokastro of Pylos


- Paleokastro of Pylos


- Gialova lagoon


- Voidokilia beach


- Methoni


- Methonis castle


- Finikounda


- Koroni


- Koronis castle


- Polilimnio waterfalls


- Ancient Messini


- Ancient Olympia


- The temple of Apollon Epicurius


- Kalamata


- Kalamatas castle


- Stoupa and Kardamili


Alive with scents and breezes and nurtured in the warmth of the sun, the land of Messinia produces tastes and flavors that linger in the memory. Age-old traditional recipes, such as diples, lallagia and kagiana, or rooster with noodles (hylopites), prepared with fresh ingredients, are enjoyed in a spirit of harmony and true friendship.


Olive - oil
The olive- oil of Messinia - dubbed "liquid gold" by Homer - is considered by lovers of good food to be among the finest in the world. The best- known olive varieties are Koroneiki and Kalamata, the famous table olive. Around 250 olive-oil presses operate in Messinia, producing an average of 50,000-55,000 tons annually, 95% of which is cold-pressed, extra virgin olive- oil.


Wine has always been a staple of the Messinian diet, bringing man and nature into close union. The countryside is dotted with large and small vineyards owned by local families that make their own wine. Some even preserve age-old methods of grape crushing, the first step in the art of traditional vinification. These vineyards also produce the highly regarded balsamic vinegar of Messinia.


The confectionary stars at any wedding in Messinia are honey curls called diples, folded, deep fried, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and crushed walnuts. Diples are served at wedding celebrations as a symbol of the couple's sweet life together.


Lallagia (pancakes), a revered local tradition in the region of Mani, are still part of family dinners, especially on religious feast days.


A high-quality product of Messinia, locally grown since ancient times, the region's delicious figs (fresh or dried) have become an international delicacy. Figs are cultivated mainly in the municipality of Messini and in areas around the city of Kalamata.


A traditional southern Greek recipe made with ripe tomatoes, eggs and extra virgin olive oil.


Talagani cheese
A local delicacy, talagani is a white cheese produced chiefly in the region of Gargaliani. It is akin to Cypriot halloumi but is made using only sheep's milk instead of a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk.


Messinia is a region that produces excellent honey. The best is said to be from Mount Taygetos, where the rich flora enables bees to make an aromatic and highly flavorful honey.


The famous pasteli of Kalamata is made with two ingredients, the superb honey of the region and sesame seeds. There is more calcium in this delicious candy bar than in milk, cheese or nuts.


Balsamic Vinegar
Made exclusively from the sun-dried grapes of the vineyards of Messinia, aging exclusively in oak barrels and based on the traditional Greek recipe for sweet, dark vinegar, "glykadi", the balsamic vinegar of Messinia, has a unique sweet and sour taste that differentiates it from any other in the world.


Using extra virgin olive oil from Messinia and natural herbs from Mount Taygetos, while replacing regular vinegar with the balsamic variety and sugar with local honey, Messinian mustard is one of the unique organic condiments of the Mediterranean diet.


The history of currants goes back thousands of years and the region of Messinia is one of the largest producers and exporters in the world. Currants start life as small seedless black grapes which grow in certain areas of the Peloponnese. Messinians have long used currants in traditional recipes – perhaps the most celebrated being stuffed tomatoes – as well as in locally made breads and cakes.

Useful Information 

How to get there

By air

As of late February, flyniki / Air Berlin is flying directly to Kalamata from Vienna, at times allowing for convenient connections with feeder flights from Hamburg, Berlin, Hannover, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, Zurich and Dusseldorf. 


Also, Austrian myHoliday offers weekly flights connecting Vienna with Kalamata, as of May. Condor Airlines offers weekly flights to KLX from Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt as of May.


EasyJet 's twice-weekly route from London Gatwick starts in April and a new twice-weekly route from Hamburg in June.Ryanair connects Milan Bergamo Airport with Kalamata through twice-weekly flights, as of April. During the season,Thomas Cook operates seasonal direct flights to Kalamata from the United Kingdom (London, Manchester, Glasgow), while SAS operates flights to Kalamata from Oslo, Transavia from Amsterdam and Travel Services from Prague.


In addition to direct flights from select destinations abroad, seasonal flights operate from Athens to Kalamata, providing convenient connections to guests arriving from, and departing to, major European hubs.


Astra Airlines connects Kalamata with Thessaloniki airport.


Visitors traveling by air from most European destinations should be able to check their luggage from their airport of departure all the way through to Kalamata, irrespective of any connecting flights, by simply specifying the airport code of their final destination (KLX).


A private helipad on-site also makes Costa Navarino directly accessible by air.


Helicopters and private jets are available to our guests for hire upon request.



By sea

The port of Patras is the main entry point for visitors arriving in Greece by ship directly from Italy (from Venice, Ancona, Bari or Brindisi).  The driving distance from the port of Patras to Costa Navarino is less than 200 kilometers.


The marina in Pylos and the Bay of Navarino in general, provide safe anchorages for private yachts, sailing boats and cruise ships.


In addition to a modern marina, Kalamata has a large port able to accommodate major cruise liners arriving from every part of the Mediterranean.




By road

Costa Navarino is easily accessible by road from Athens, with a driving distance of  280km (174mi) to Navarino Dunes and 270km (168mi) to Navarino Bay.


The driving distance from Kalamata International Airport to Navarino Dunes and Navarino Bay is 50km (31mi) and 40km (25mi) respectively.


You can explore and enjoy more of Messinia by renting a car from Hertz, our exclusive car hire partner. You may contact the resorts to find out more about Hertz special rates for guests. 


Private transportation is available from/to Athens International Airport and Kalamata International Airport.


Medical Care

During your stay in Costa Navarino, you can be served for health issues:


General Hospital of Kalamata which is located out of Kalamatas town, in the area of Antikalamos, Tel:  (+30) 27213 63000, 27210 46000


Health Center of Pylos, Tel: (+30) 27230 23777-8, 23333


Community Clinic of Koroni, Tel: (+30) 27250 22208


Community Clinic of Foinikounta, Tel: (+30) 27230 71127


Community Clinic of Methoni, Tel: (+30) 27230 31456

Useful Phone numbers


Pylos Port Authority: (+30) 27230 22225


Kalamata Airport: (+30) 27210 69442


Police Station of Pylos: (+30) 27230 22316, 22100


Fire Department of Pylos: (+30) 27230 22199


General Hospital of Kalamata: (+30) 27250 22208


Health Center of Pylos: (+30) 27230 23777-8, 23333

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Ancient Messini
Archaeological site of Olympia in Greece
Archaeological site of Olympia
Polylimnio waterfalls
The Castle of Pylos
The Castle of Methoni
The Temple of Apollo Epicurius
The Castle of Kalamata

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