Holidays in Alonissos island Sporades Islands Greece


Holidays in Alonissos island

At the furthest point of the Sporades Cluster, lazily perched, there is a real hideaway; the untouched island of Alonnisos! The lush green and the beautiful beaches, form an earthly paradise! The name of Alonnisos is inevitably linked to its National Marine Park, created in the wider sea area to protect the Monachus Monachus seals, as well as various kinds of fish, dolphins, whales and rare birds.


Alonnisos heart beats in the popular Patitiri. The village has no particular architectural character. However, the landscape of the small creek will astonish you! It is worth paying a visit to EURONATURE Information Centre for Environmental Protection. In Patitiri you will find many taverns and café/bars where you can relax while gazing at the serene view of the harbor with the moored fishing boats and sailboats. From the port, there are boats and tourist boats which make trips to the beaches of Alonnisos; especially to those which are difficult to access, to the islands of the Marine Park, as well as to Skiathos and Skopelos.


One of the most atmospheric parts of the island is undoubtedly the old capital; Old Village or Chora, which is built on a hill, offering disarming views. There, time seems to have stopped! The ruins of the medieval castle, the traditional houses, the cobbled streets, the old windmills, the forgotten floors and the quaint churches promise a magical journey into bygone eras! Major attractions are the Churches of Christ, Agios Athanasios and Agios Georgios. In the Old Village, you will find taverns and cafés with stunning views; especially at sunset time or full moon nights. If you love exploring, you should visit the picturesque Church of Agioi Anargyroi, following a heavenly journey, full of pines!


Continue your navigation to Alonnisos with a tour of the marvelous fishing villages of the island. Within walking distance from Patitiri you will find the idyllic Votsi. The natural harbor surrounded by cliffs and colorful moored boats compose an image that seems to have sprung from a painting! Equally attractive is the seaside village of Steni Vala. To get there, follow a magnificent route which crosses verdant pine forests and olive groves!


A unique experience is the tour to the deserted islands of the Marine Park. The heavenly beaches, the impressive sea caves and the reveling nature will take you to a magical world! Indeed, if you're lucky, you may encounter the lovely Mediterranean Monachus Monachus seals! In Gioura, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the wild natural beauty of the place, and also to see the famous cave of the Cyclops. In Kyra Panagia or Pelagonisi, you will see the homonymous monastery, as well as the safe anchorages of Agios Petros and Planitis which used to be pirates’ bases. In Peristera or Xiro, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a swim at amazing beaches with beautiful waters. In Skatzoura you will see the famous monastery of Evagelistria; Monastery of the Annunciation. In the volcanic Psathoura, your attention will be spurred by the high lighthouse.


Besides its unpretentious beauty, Alonnisos is famous for its events. It is worth attending the representation of threshing in mid-July, the Fishing Night at the end of July and the Alonnisos wedding representation in mid-August.


In this alternative island, nature unfolds its most beautiful secrets, in a place which is an ideal destination for nature and alternative vacation lovers!



Alonissos island Map Sporades islands Greece


Alonnisos is famous for its beautiful and diverse beaches; some with white pebbles, some with steep cliffs which sharply penetrate into the seawater and some with white or yellowish sand. Most of these beaches are embraced by dense pine forests and olive groves.

On the eastern coastline, unfolds one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Aegean; the exotic beach of Agios Dimitrios. The beach is organized and has crystal blue, clear waters and white pebbles. Equally beautiful is the beach of Leftos Gialos, located on the same side of Alonnisos. The view of the deserted islands Dyo Aderfia; Two Brothers, the greyish rocks and the white pebbles make up a cart-postal picture! One of the most idyllic parts of the island is the bay of Georgie Gialos. The beautiful waters and the green surroundings will fascinate you!

In eastern Alonnisos, you will find and organized Kokkinokastro beach. The beach unfolds in a setting quite different from the usual; the reddish color of the rocks, the deep blue sea, the yellow of the sand and the dazzling green pines create a palette of colors, which seems to have sprung from an imaginative artist’s canvas! The ancient wall remains; from the ancient city of Ikos, complete this unique scenery. They are preserved on Kokkinokastro peninsula and are visible from the beach.

One of the most popular beaches is the organized beach of Chrissi Milia, which, due to its shallow waters, is ideal for families with children. If you prefer a quiet swim, visit the organized beach of Milia with its turquoise waters and the dense pine forest. A romantic “corner” awaits you at Vótsi picturesque harbor where you can enjoy swimming in the beautiful waters of the beach, and also visiting the stylishly taverns of the gulf. Within walking distance from Patitiri you will find Rousoum Gialos beach, with white pebbles and picturesque taverns. Near Patitiri you will see the beach of Megalos Mourtias, with fine pebbles and taverns by the sea. If you love tranquility, choose the neighboring beach of Mikros Mourtias.

In northern Alonnisos, you will find the beautiful beaches of Gialia and Vrysitsa. Alternatively, you can visit by boat the nearby islands and swim in some of their amazing beaches.



- The Historical and Folklore Museum of Alonnisos


- The amphorae workshop in Tsoukalia


- The ruins of the Byzantine church of Agios Petros


- The neighboring deserted islands


- Skiathos Island


- Skopelos Island


- Alonnisos Pie


- Pasta with Lobster


- Fish Soup


- Stuffed Squid


- Tuna Fish


- Barbecued Eggplant


- Rozeta


- Finikia


- Soutsoukia


- Grilled Figs with Honey


- Rizogalo (Rice Pudding)


- Karidopita (Pecan Pie)


- Hamalia


- Fouskakia


- Amygdalota


- Honey


- Olives


- Olive Oil

Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by plane

Via Skiathos Island

From Athens International Airport, Olympic Air operates flights to Skiathos Airport all year round. Also, during the tourist season, direct charter flights arrive from several European cities such as Amsterdam, Larnaca, Vienna, Copenhagen, Milan, Berlin, Belgrade, Gothenburg, Zurich, Manchester, London, Munich, Oslo, Düsseldorf, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Bucharest.

Then you can get to Alonissos Ιsland either by ferry or flying dolphin.


Via Nea Aghialos Airport – Volos city

Furthermore, at Nea Aghialos Airport, in Volos city, during the summer months flights from Geneva, Munich, Charleroi, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam arrive.

Then you can get to Alonissos Ιsland either by ferry or flying dolphin.


Travelling by boat

Via the ports of Agios Konstantinos and Volos city

If you wish to travel by boat to Alonissos, you can either take the ferries or flying dolphins of Hellenic Seaways and ANES Ferries, from the ports of Agios Konstantinos or Volos.

For more information on the itineraries for the island of Alonissos, visit the web sites of the companies:



Via the port of Thessaloniki

During the summer months ferry routes operate, connecting Alonissos Ιsland with the port of Thessaloniki.


Transfer within Alonissos

For your transportation on the island you can use Alonissos' bus, taxies or boats.

Medical Care

During your stay in Alonissos, you can be served for health issues:


Regional Clinic of Alonissos (Patitiri), Tel: (+30) 24240 65208

Useful phone numbers

Alonissos Port Authority (Patitiri): (+30) 24240 65595


Skopelos Port Authority: (+30) 24240 22180


Agios Konstantinos Port Authority: (+30) 22350 31759


Volos Port Authority: (+30) 24210 28888


Police Station of Alonissos (Patitiri): (+30) 24240 65205


Fire Department of Alonissos: (+30) 24240 65199


Regional Clinic of Alonissos (Patitiri): (+30) 24240 65208


TAXI: (+30) 697 8881360, 697 2250295, 694 4564393, 694 4564432

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