Holidays in Chios island Northeastern Aegean Islands Greece


Holidays in Chios island

The charming island of Chios, with its long tradition in shipping and trade, is a multifaceted island in the northeastern Aegean Sea, located very close to the coast of Asia Minor peninsula. The Medieval castle-villages, the citrus orchards, the crops with mastic trees, the stone, windswept watchtowers, the interesting caves, the beaches with wild natural beauty, as well as the lush greenery with wild tulips, orchids and herbs make a place so unique and so special, which has no pair! So if you have several days to spend and you love sightseeing and exploration, then, Chios is the destination you are looking for!


Capital and port of the island is the city of Chios, which unfolds on the eastern side. Arriving at the port, do not get frustrated by the image of the apartment buildings. The island hides many beautiful secrets that will seduce you! The heart of the city beats across the coastal road, which crosses the harbor. There, you will find numerous restaurants and café/bars. It is also worth visiting the beautiful castle, which promises a magical journey through time! Major attractions are Vounakio city square with the Byzantine Museum, the Gymnasium and Korais Library, which houses the Ethnological and Folklore Museum.


North of Chora, on a hill, where the outdoor sanctuary of Cybele once stood, you will see the relief with the goddess seated on a throne. According to tradition (which, however, is not widely accepted), Cybele’s rock was the school where Homer used to teach. This is why it is called Daskalopetra or Homer's stone.


On the east coast of Chios, north of Chora, is one of the most idyllic places on the island; the beautiful Lagkada village which unfolds in front of a natural harbor. The place is ideal for dining in one of the seaside tavernas and snack bars in the area, as well as for romantic walks along the picturesque harbor.


One of the most beautiful areas of the island is the traditional village of Campos, unfolding south of Chora. The old mansions with the high walls and the arched doorways, combined with the fragrant citrus orchards create a unique residential complex.


In the heart of the island, on a hill, Avgonyma, one of the most picturesque villages of the island is lazily perched. The stone houses and the view of the pine forest that surrounds this medieval village, create a hideaway of heavenly beauty! Avgonyma offers magnificent views over Psara islands, distant Evia, as well as the deep sea, especially during sunset. In central Chios, on top of a pine-clad rock, the medieval castle of Anavatos lies; the Aegean Mystras, as characteristically called, where time seems to have stopped.


In the southern part of the island, where the mastic trees thrive, there are the famous mastic villages. Among them, the majestic Mesta village stands. Mesta retains intact the medieval settlement features: stone houses, narrow, winding streets and picturesque arches form a setting that will take you back in time! A similar scene with narrow streets and vaulted stone arches can also be found in the surrounding Olympia village, while in the beautiful Pyrgi amazing decorative motifs on houses’ facades create an image of unspeakable beauty!


If you visit the northern part of the island, you will discover another face of Chios. Small, isolated villages perched in high mountains, create a feeling of a place trapped in time! It is worth visiting the historic Volisso, stretching at the foot of a hill, on top of which the medieval castle dominates. You should enjoy your coffee in the picturesque village square. Even further, on top of a rocky hill, there is the fairy village of Agios Galas which reserves wonderful surprises to the visitor as below the village, there are unique caves! It is worth visiting the Byzantine church of Panagia Agiogaloussaina, which dominates the hillside at the entrance of a cave as well as the small church which is built into the same cave. This cave is connected with two other caves with stalactites.


The fragrant island of Chios is an ideal destination for Easter, as every year, the custom of spectacular rocket war between two parishes of Vrontados village is revived. The island is also ideal for Mardi Gras holidays, as in Mesta, Olympi and other villages, the age-old custom of "Agas" revives.


The island of mastic proudly dominates the Aegean. A breath away from the port of Cesme, Chios, is a place so unique and so special, which promises unique surprises and new experiences to the visitors!



Chios island Map Northeastern Aegean Islands Greece


Chios has a large variety of beaches, some with pebble some with sand.

On the east coast, there is Daskalopetra beach, with white pebbles, as well as the lively beach of Karfas, with its magnificent fine sand, resembling powder! Karfas is ideal for families with children because of its shallow waters. Nearby, the beach of Megas Limnionas unfolds.

On the southeastern side of the island, you will find the pebble beach of Agia Fotia and the sandy beach of Komi. On the southeast coast of the island, one of the nicest beaches of Chios, the famous Mavra (Black) Volya or else Emborios, with black pebbles and deep, clear waters unfolds. On the south side of the island, you will find the beautiful beach of Agia Dinami, with sand and emerald waters. Next to this beach, there is the church of Agia Theodosia. In southern Chios lies the pristine beach Apothika; ideal for those who love tranquility and isolation. The most unspoilt and special beaches of Chios, unfold on the west coast. Among them, the magnificent Elinta beach stands out.

On the western side of the island, there is the long beach Lithi, as well as Tigani, from where you can enjoy a glorious sunset. Do not forget to visit the beach of Agia Markella, next to which the homonymous monastery dominates.

In the northern part of the island, there are the beautiful beaches Giosonas and Nagos.



- Ariousios Winery


- The Municipal Garden


- Psara


- The complex of Oinousses islands


- Mastic


- Spoon Sweets with mastic


- Mastelo


- Citrus Fruits


- Nerampoula


- Regklotes


- Cherries


- Trachanas


- Handmade Pasta


- Orgeat (Soumada)


- Ouzo


- Liqueur


- Local Beer


- Local Wine

Useful Information 

How to get there

Travelling by plane

The fastest way to travel to Chios island is to fly there. Chios Airport receives flights from Athens International Airport, while during the summer months charter flights from several European destinations such as Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, London, Paris, Prague, Munich, Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, Lisbon and New York are operated.

For more information visit the web site of the company:


Travelling by boat

If you wish to travel by boat to Chios, you can board on a ferry of the following companies:


Hellenic Seaways from:

- The port of Piraeus, with ferry service to Syros - Mykonos - Ikaria (Evdilos) - Samos (Karlovasi - Vathi) - Chios - Mytilene - Lemnos – Kavala


- The port of Kavala,with ferry service to Lemnos - Mytilene - Chios - Samos (Karlovasi - Vathi) - Ikaria (Evdilos) - Mykonos - Syros - Piraeus


NEL Lines from:

- The port of Piraeus, with ferry service to Chios - Mytilene


- The port of Thessaloniki, with ferry service to Lemnos - Mytilene - Chios - Samos (Vathi).


For more information on the ferry routes to Chios visit the web sites of the companies:


Transfer within Chios Island

For your transportation on the island you can use the Intercity Buses (KTEL Bus of Chios) as well as taxies.

Medical Care

During your stay in Chios, you can be served for health issues:


General Hospital of Chios, which is located at 2, Elenas Venizelou street in Chios, Tel: (+30) 22710 44302-3


Health Center of Pyrgi, Tel: (+30) 22710 72465


Regional Clinic of Tholopotamos, Tel: (+30) 22710 52240


Regional Clinic of Kalamoti, Tel: (+30) 22710 71277


Regional Clinic of Kallimasia, Tel: (+30) 22710 51455


Regional Clinic of Lagada, Tel: (+30) 22710 74201


Regional Clinic of Neniton, Tel: (+30) 22710 61277


Regional Clinic of Oinouses, Tel: (+30) 22710 55300


Regional Clinic of Chalkeio, Tel: (+30) 22710 77265

Useful phone numbers

Chios Port Authority: (+30) 22710 44433


Chios Airport: (+30) 22710 23998


Police Station of Chios: (+30) 22710 81544


Police Station of Vrontado: (+30) 22710 92296


Tourist Office: (+30) 22710 44389


Fire Department of Chios: (+30) 22710 44444


General Hospital of Chios: (+30) 22710 44302-3


Health Center of Pyrgi: (+30) 22710 72465


Regional Clinic of Tholopotamos: (+30) 22710 52240


Regional Clinic of Kalamoti: (+30) 22710 71277


Regional Clinic of Kallimasia: (+30) 22710 51455


Regional Clinic of Lagada: (+30) 22710 74201


Regional Clinic of Neniton: (+30) 22710 61277


Regional Clinic of Oinouses: (+30) 22710 55300


Regional Clinic of Chalkeio: (+30) 22710 77265


Intercity Bus of Chios: (+30) 22710 24257, 27507


TAXI (Chios): (+30) 22710 41111

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