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Holidays in Lefkada - Meganisi

The unpretentiously beautiful island of Lefkada dominates the Ionian complex Islands, between Corfu and Kefalonia, opposite to the coast of Aitoloakarnania. The island, as peculiar as it may seem, is accessible by car; this is the reason why it’s called the "mainland" island of the Ionian Sea.


The capital is the city of Lefkada, with colorful houses and a modern marina. Trademarks of this quiet town are the remains of the medieval castle of Santa Maura, which dominate the entrance of the island, near the bridge. Major attractions in the capital are the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada, the Public Library, the Charamogleios Special Library and the Park of the Poets or Bosketo. During your walk in the city, pay attention to the old churches, with their unique architecture. If you love walking, it is worth going up towards the Monastery of Faneromeni, located just outside the city, offering spectacular views of Gyra area and the opposite coast. Inside the Monastery, the Museum of Religious Art operates. Nearby, southeast of the capital, there are the ruins of the ancient Lefkada (Nirikos), while north of the capital, a centenarian olives’ forest unfolds, where the church of Vlahernes dominates.


Approximately in the middle of the eastern coast of Lefkada, popular Nidri unfolds in a green valley. The impressive waterfalls in the area of Rahi (Dimosaris gorge), the rich olive groves, the fertile orchards and the gardens make up a beautiful "corner" of the island. The once quiet fishing village now attracts a lot of tourists. There, you will find numerous restaurants, café/bars and shops. In Nidri a prehistoric settlement remains, an aqueduct and ancient Greek circular tombs are preserved. Facing the bay of Nidri village, Madouri, Sparta, Scorpios, Skorpidi and Meganissi beautiful islands are perched.


Continuing your journey to this beautiful island, you can visit the well preserved settlement of Agios Nikitas, which unfolds on the northwest coast of the island. The tourist resort, with the intense traditional color and the cosmopolitan character, can be a perfect base for you exploring the western part of Lefkada.


It is also worth visiting the beautiful village of Vassiliki. There, you will find several options for food and drink. From Vassiliki boats to Agiofylli, Porto Katsiki and Egremni beaches, as well as to the beaches of the neighboring islands start.


However, if you want to really get to know Lefkada, you should visit the mountain villages. Among them, the picturesque settlements of Karya, Englouvi, Neochori and Exanthia stand out. Visit these beautiful villages and you will find taverns with delicious traditional dishes, such as Lefkada salami and frygadeli. In Karya, visit Maria Koutsochero Folk Museum and enjoy your coffee or ouzo in the square with the plane trees. In Englouvi, visit the chapels of Prophet Elias and Agios Donatos. In the almost deserted Neochori, the abandoned houses, almond trees and the "deafening" silence, interrupted by the tweeting birds, create a cinematic scene! In Exanthia, traditional houses, which are built amphitheatrically, seem to overlook the sea!


If you are a nature lover you will love Lefkada, as it is famous for its unspoiled nature and landscapes of indescribable beauty! It is worth visiting the green cape of Agia Kyriaki with the homonymous chapel, the beautiful Dimosaris Gorge with the small waterfalls, Melissa Gorge, with its old watermills and the small Marantochori Lake. Among the great natural attractions of the island there is the impressive Alabaster Cave, with its beautiful decor. Do not leave Lefkada, without enjoying the view from the southernmost and largest cape of the island, Lefkata Cape or Pidima tis Kyras or Kavo Doukato. In this Cape, Doukato Lighthouse, which has built over the ancient temple of Apollo ruins, dominates. The massive, steep and whitewashed rocks form a majestic scenery which is breathtaking! According to legend, at this point Sappho; an ancient Greek lyric poet; ended her life because of unfulfilled love for Phaon. It is worth staying here until sunset time and enjoying a dreamy sunset!


If you love adventure, in Lefkada you can indulge in various activities, such as wind and kite surfing, scuba diving, paragliding, horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking in Dimosaris canyon, in Melissa Gorge, in Skaros mountain trails, in the lush forest of Dafni or in the springs of Kerasia in Sivros.


In Lefkada, the mountains, the green areas, the caves, the ravines, the gorges, the waterfalls, the springs with clear water, the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, the traditional villages, as well as the picturesque seaside villages make up a small Ionian paradise, which, inevitably, will seduce you!



Lefkada island Map Greece Ionian Islands



At short distance from Lefkada (3.5 km from Nydri; 30 minutes by Ferry Boat), is Princes’ Islands of Lefkada cluster. The largest of those islands is Meganissi with 1,200 residents spread in three villages. Locals do not use their cars very often and in recent years they have touristically promoted their island as there are many people who prefer the beauty and tranquility of the island. Most accommodations and restaurants are located in the village of Vathi, Spartochori, Elia, Agios Ioannis and Katomeri where you can easily find to rent a motorbike or boat for short trips.


The boat from Nydri to Spartochori, Spilia and Vathi helps people move from the villages on the beaches the best of which are Porto Elia with white pebbles, the scenic Pasoumaki, Fanari, Linaraki and Ampelakia beach. It is worth visiting, at the south side of the island, Papanikolis and Giovanis Caves; the boat stops within 500 meters from the caves. West of the island you can see the monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos with frescoes dating back from 1477, next to a beautiful pebble beach. You can go to Meganissi from Lefkada’s Nydri with a Ferry Boat within 30 minutes.



Meganisi island Map Greece Ionian Islands


The island is famous for its paradise beaches with turquoise waters.

In the western part of the island unfold the most beautiful beaches. There, you will find the beautiful beach of Agios Nikitas, with its turquoise waters. Nearby, there is the sandy Mylos beach, from where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a glorious sunset. On the same side of Lefkada there is the organized beach of Kathisma; one of the most popular beaches. On this beach, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a postcard sunset. In the western part of Lefkada the "exotic" Egremnoi beach unfolds; one of the loveliest beaches not only of Greece, but of the whole Mediterranean! The image of the turquoise, crystal waters, combined with the long sandy beach look like you are in the Caribbean! One of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada is the famous Porto Katsiki which lies in front of an imposing rock.

On the eastern part of Lefkada, the beaches are not as impressive. However, they have the advantage of being windless. In the area of Nikiana, you will find beautiful beaches which unfold in overgrown areas. The beach at Nidri is a perfect choice for those staying at Nidri village and wish to avoid traveling. On the east Lefkada, there is the small beach of Desimi.

From the beaches of the southern coast, the enchanting Agiofylli, with beautiful waters, stands out. On the same side of the island, you will find the quiet beach of Mikros Gialos, the small Ammousa or Ammouso beach and Vassiliki beach; windsurfers’ favorite place. Alternatively, you can visit the pristine beaches of the neighboring islands.



- Gyra windmills


- The grave of the German archaeologist Wilhelm Dairepfeld


- Tsoukalades Village


- Nikiana Village


- Athani Village


- Kontomichio Folklore Museum of Sfakia, in Kavalos


- The Museum of Gramophone, Radio and Old Mementos


- The port of Ligia


- The Monastery of Theotokos Odigitria


- The Red Church Monastery


- The neoclassical Valaoritis Mansion in Madoyri


- Meganissi Island


- Cave Papanikolis, in Meganissi


- Kalamos Island


- Episkopi village in Kalamos Island


- Kastos Island


- Syvota


- Ithaca Island


- Kefalonia Island


- Zakynthos Island


- Oil Pie


- Cabbage Pie


- Rice Pie


- Makaronopita (Pie with Pasta)


- Briani


- Englouvi Lentils


- Salami


- Sausages


- Frygadeli


- Honey from Athani


- Pasteli


- Mandolato


- Olive Oil


- Roe from Ivari


- Rozoli


- Soumada (Orgeat)


- Wine

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Athens

Travelling by car or bus

To reach the island of Lefkada, you can drive your own car or take the Intercity Bus (KTEL Bus of Lefkada) via the National Highway to Patras. When you reach the town of Rio, cross the bridge to Antirio and then follow the signs to Amfilohia and Vonitsa. After you pass Vonitsa, follow the signs to Lefkada, which take you over the bridge, which connects the island with the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania (363 km distance – approximately 5 hours ride).

For more information on the bus routes of the KTEL Bus of Lefkada click here.




From Thessaloniki

Travelling by by car or by bus

To reach Lefkada from Thessaloniki, you can drive via Egnatia Highway to Ioannina, then, follow the signs to the towns of Fillipiada and Preveza, cross the tunnel to Aktio and after 22 km you arrive at your destination. You can also take the Intercity Bus (KTEL Bus of Lefkada) (377 km distance – approximately 4 hours ride).

For more information on the bus routes of the KTEL Bus of Lefkada click here.


Connections with other ports

The island of Lefkada is connected by boat with Meganisi island via the ports of Nydri and Vasiliki; with the islands of Kefalonia; Ithaca and the rest of the Prigiponisia complex.


Transfer within Lefkada

To move around the island, you can use the local buses, which carry out daily routes to and from Nydri, Vasiliki, Poros, Agios Nikitas, Katohori and other destinations on the island. You can also take a taxi or rent a private vehicle from any rental service on the island.


How to get to Meganisi

You can reach Meganisi island by taking a speed-boat or a ferry boat from Lefkada. To move on the island, you can use the local bus, taxies or your car.

Medical Care

During your stay in Lefkada or Meganisi, you can be served for health issues:


General Hospital of Lefkada which is located at 24, Valaoriti street in the canter of Lefkada, Tel: (+30) 26450 25371


Health Center of Lefkada, Tel: (+30) 26450 31065


Health Center of Vasiliki, Tel: (+30) 26450 31065


Health Center of Vlychou, Tel: (+30) 26450 95204


Health Center of Nydri, Tel: (+30) 26450 92228


Regional Clinic of Katomeri (Meganisi), Tel: (+30) 26450 51304


Clinic of Spartochori (Meganisi), Tel: (+30) 26450 51302


Clinic of Vathi (Meganisi), Tel: (+30) 26450 51301

Useful phone numbers

Lefkada Port Authority: (+30) 26450 22322


Nydri Port Authority: (+30) 26650 92509


Police Station of Lefkada: (+30) 26450 29375


Police Station of Vasiliki: (+30) 26450 31218


Police Station of Karya: (+30) 26450 41208


Police Station of Vlychou: (+30) 26450 95207


Police Station of Meganisi: (+30) 26450 51406


Fire Department: (+30) 26450 22199


General Hospital of Lefkada: (+30) 26450 25371


Health Center of Lefkada: (+30) 26450 31065


Health Center of Vasiliki: (+30) 26450 31065


Health Center of Vlychou: (+30) 26450 95204


Health Center of Nydri: (+30) 26450 92228


Regional Clinic of Katomeri (Meganisi): (+30) 26450 51304


Clinic of Spartochori (Meganisi): (+30) 26450 51302


Clinic of Vathi (Meganisi): (+30) 26450 51301


Tourism Information: (+30) 26450 23000


Intercity Bus of Lefkada: (+30) 26450 22364


TAXI (Lefkada): (+30) 26450 21200, 24600, 22218


TAXI (Nydri): (+30) 26450 92000

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