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Holidays in Spetses island

The cosmopolitan island of Spetses, with its long maritime tradition and its special architectural character, belong to the Saronic Gulf complex. Due to the near distance from Athens, Spetses is ideal for short breaks from the stress of the city. However, this does not mean that Spetses is only a destination appropriate for a small period of time but also for multi-day vacations.


The aristocratic city of Spetses unfolds in the eastern part of the island. Wonderful neoclassical mansions, houses and streets paved with mosaics of colored pebbles make up the backdrop of this romantic town. The heart of the city beats in the famous Ntapia, which is the point where the ship arrives. There, as evidenced by the cannons you see around, used to be the emplacement of Spetses. Around Ntapia, there are numerous shops and cafés. Major attractions are the Town Hall, the neoclassical mansion of Sotirios Anargiros; a Spetses benefactor, Laskarina Boumpoulina’s; a Greek woman warrior; home which houses the homonymous museum, Chatzigiannis Mexis mansion, which today houses the Museum of Spetses, the Poseidon square with the statue of Laskarina Boumpoulina and the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas with the ornate bell tower and the monument of those fallen in the field of war.


A beautiful walk, which is worth doing, is the walk to the old town, Kastelli. In the past, this settlement was surrounded by walls and at the top of the hill the citadel was dominating. Today, at this point, the church of Agios Vasilios stands.


Spetses landmark is the old port, with shipyards, which unfolds in a setting reminiscent of old Greek films! There, you will find stylishly café/bars, snack bars and taverns, as well as luxury restaurants. To reach the old harbor, you have to follow a beautiful route along Spetses coastline. It is worth taking one of the coaches of the island to do this beautiful coastal route. The experience will be unforgettable! And when it is time for the sun to set and the harbor is dressed with the purple color, then, you'll understand why this part is considered to be as one of the most romantic "corners" of the Saronic Gulf...


During your stay on the island, it is worth climbing the hill of Prophet Elias, the highest peak of Spetses, where there is the homonymous chapel. From this point, you will have the opportunity to enjoy stunning views of Costa and the mountains of the Peloponnese, as well as of the Argolis Gulf.


If you find yourself in Spetses in September, you will have the opportunity to attend the spectacular festival of Armata, in which a representation of the battle and the burning effigy of the Turkish flagship is made. The celebration ends with thousands of fireworks that light up the sky of Spetses. The whole experience is mind blowing!


The beautiful pine areas, the old mansions, the picturesque dockyards, the flower filled courtyards and the cobbled streets make up a place so romantic and so deeply erotic, justifying the reasons why Spetses is among the list of top travel destinations!



Spetses island Map Greece


Spetses may not be renowned for its beaches it offers, however, options covering all tastes.

Within walking distance from the city, you will find Kaiki beach, while, off the main port of the island, you will find the beach of Agios Mamas. Near the town, there is the beach of Agia Marina, with a beautiful view over Spetsopoula islet.

In the west coast of the island, amongst pine trees the popular beach of Agioi Anargyroi unfolds. Do not hesitate to dive into the legendary Bekiris Cave. The small sandy beach, the clear blue waters and the stalagmites create a magical setting! On the same side of Spetses the beautiful beach of Agia Paraskevi, as well as the quiet Xylokeriza beach, unfold.

On the northwest coast of the island, you will find the quiet Zogeria beach, as well as the lively and beautiful Vrellos beach. Finally, in the northern part of Spetses, there is the beach of Ligoneri, ideal for isolation lovers.



- Laskarina Boumpoulinas house


- The Museum of Spetses


- The Municipal Park of Spetses, located at the end of the Old Port


- The Kapodistrian Roof of Spetses


- The Monastery of All Saints


- The church of Panagia Armata


- Porto Heli Town


- Marzipan


- Fish ala spetsiota

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Piraeus

Travelling by boat

To reach Spetses, you can board on a flying-dolphin, departing daily between Gate E8 and E9 from the port of Piraeus. The trip lasts approximately 2 hours. For more information on the itineraries visit the company's site:



From Athens

Travelling by car

You can also drive to Spetses, in your own car, via the village of Costa. Take the National Highway from Athens to Corinth, then take the exit to Corinth - Epidaurus and on the first intersection you come across, follow the signs and turn left to Spetses. Following the signs to your destination, you will cross the towns of Epidaurus, Kranidi, Porto Heli and finally you will reach the port of Costa. You will have to park your car there, as no cars are allowed in Spetses and get across by boat. You can also get across to Spetses from the small port of Porto Heli, either by boat (2 € / person) or by sea-taxi.


Connecting boat lines with other ports

The island of Spetses is connected by boat with the ports of Costa, Porto Heli, Ermioni, Hydra, Poros and Aegina.

Medical Care

During your stay in Spetses, you can be served for health issues:


Health Station of Spetses, Phone: (+30) 22980 72472


Health Center of Kranidi, Phone: (+30) 27540 22222

Useful phone numbers

Port Authority of Spetses: (+30) 22980 72245


Police Station of Spetses: (+30) 22980 73100


Health Station of Spetses: (+30) 22980 72472


Health Center of Kranidi: (+30) 27540 22222

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Museum of Spetses Greece
Museum of Spetses
Bouboulinas Museum in Spetses Greece
Bouboulinas Museum in Spetses

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