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Metsovo is a charming mountain town in the Prefecture of Ioannina, built amphitheatrically on the green hillsides of Pindos mountain range above the Metsovian river, within a landscape of wild natural beauty. Stone houses, decorated facades with wooden verandas, red tiled roofs and slate housetops, cobblestone alleys and stone fountains make up the backdrop of this picturesque settlement.


Metsovo is touristically flourishing. There you can find restaurants and traditional taverns offering local delicacies and local wine or tsipouro, vintage coffee shops, café/bars, pastry shops, and stores selling local products and folklore handicrafts. Benchmark of the town is the picturesque, main square, which during the weekends is bustling with life. There, especially on Sundays, visitors can see locals dressed in traditional costumes. A little further up is the magnificent church of Saint Paraskevi, whose interior is decorated with an ornate wooden temple and the courtyard with an impressive belfry. Look for the famous Tositsa mansion; one of the finest buildings of Epirus; which hosts the Folklore Museum, as well as the Averof Art Gallery, housed in a beautiful three-storey building. Of great interest is, also, the Standard Dairy Unit of the Tositsa-Averof Foundation, from where you can purchase fine cheese, as well as the Katogi Winery, where you can follow the original guided tour, showing the stages of wine production, telling the history of the winery and ending with tasting the wine varieties of Katogi Averof Winery.


During your stay in Metsovo, do not miss visiting the Garden of Averof; a paradise park, "dipped" in trees and plants of the flora of Pindos Mountain. Wander among the firs, pines and beeches and admire the incomparable natural treasure of the place. Within the Garden there is a playground and the church of St. George. Walking down the path, which starts from the square, you will end up in the lower neighbourhood, where, according to tradition, the inhabitation of the town of Metsovo began. The neighbourhoods are built upon places of steep slope. Even lower, stand two old monasteries, the one dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the other to Saint Nicholas. Close to the Monastery of the Assumption, on the banks of river Arahthos, Gkina Watermill lies; which has been declared as a historical, heritage monument.


Three ski resorts run in Metsovo: Politsies, Karakoli and the newest of all, the ski center of Zygos. In addition to the ski resorts, Metsovo gives the ''adventurers" the opportunity to take up a variety of other activities, such as kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, horse riding and hiking on trails, which capture the senses. The picturesque Metsovo, with its unique traditional architecture and its heavenly natural environment, makes an ideal retreat for rest and relaxation, within landscapes, which captivate and ''take off'' the senses all year round!



Metsovo Map Greece. Winter Holidays in Greece.



- The Tositsa Mansion, that hosts the Folklore Museum


- The Averof Art Gallery


- The Standard Dairy Unit of the Tositsa-Averof Foundation


- The Katogi Winery


- The Averof Garden


- The artificial Lake of the springs of Aoos River


- The Museum of Water Power in the village of Anthochori


- The Monastery of the Virgin Mary in the village of Chrysovitsa


- The traditional villages of Anilio and Votonosi


- The city of Ioannina


- Several kinds of Local Cheese of Metsovo like Metsovone (Semi-hard Smoked Pasta Filata Cheese), Metsovella (Semi-hard, Yellowish Cheese made of Sheep and Cow's Milk), Metsovian Graviera (Semi-hard, Yellowish Cheese completely made of Sheep's Milk), Goat Metsovian Cheese, and Chèvre type Cheese (Tangy and Soft Goat's Milk Cheese)


- Traditional oven baked Sweets like Baklava Roles


- Tsipouro (Strong Distilled Spirit from the residue of wine press)


- Local Wines

Useful Information 

How to get there

From Athens

Travelling by car

To reach the town of Metsovo from Athens, you can drive via the National Highway heading to Lamia (409 km distance – 5 hours drive). Once you reach the city of Lamia, head to the towns of Karditsa – Trikala –Kalambaka and finally to Metsovo.



From Thessaloniki

Travelling by car

You can drive to Metsovo from Thessaloniki via Egnatia Highway heading to Ioannina (217 km distance – 2 hours ride).

Medical Care

During your stay in Metsovo, you can be served for health issues:


General Hospital of Ioannina which is located at Stavros Niarxhos Avenue, in Ioannina, Tel: (+30) 26510 99111, 99504-5, 33461


Hospital of Ioannina (Hatzikosta) which is located at Makrygiannis Avenue, in Ioannina, Tel: (+30) 26510 80111, 80465


Health Center of Metsovo, Tel: (+30) 26560 41111

Useful phone numbers

Police Station of Metsovo: (+30) 26560 41233


General Hospital of Ioannina: (+30) 26510 99111, 99504-5, 33461


Hospital of Ioannina (Hatzikosta): (+30) 26510 80111, 80465


Health Center of Metsovo: (+30) 26560 41111


Intercity Bus Station of Ioannina: (+30) 26510 27442, 26286, 25014

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