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Are you looking for a brief pause from everyday life stress and routine while enjoying the exhilarating sea breeze? Then a one-day cruise to the Argosaronic islands is the perfect option for you! By boat departing either from Piraeus or from Flisvos Marina, you can visit the serene islands of Poros and Hydra, the sophisticated and cosmopolitan Spetses island, the romantic island of Agistri as well as the picturesque island of Aegina. On board, usually, a meal, and in many cases, dancers and orchestra are provided. Some cruises also offer the option of visiting places of religious, historical and archaeological interest or organized beaches, close to where the ship docks. In most cruises visits to three islands of the Argosaronic Gulf are included with most common choice being Hydra, Poros and Aegina islands. So, find the combination of islands that suits you best and… get ready for dreamy moments in the blue embrace of the Argosaronic Gulf!


The sophisticated island of Hydra

Travel Guide of Greek island in Greece. Hydra island

Getting to Hydra, international jet set’s favorite destination, the first image you will see is the atmospheric and picturesque main town; a fine example of architecture! It is worth strolling around its narrow, cobbled streets and enjoying the air of aristocracy this island breathes. A tour of Hydra with donkeys is a unique experience! On this island you will find small bays, promising relaxing moments, and rocks at the port side which are ideal for diving and playing with the sea lovers.


The cosmopolitan island of Spetses

Travel Guide of Greek island in Greece. Spetses island

The heart of the cosmopolitan island of Spetses beats in famous Dàpia. There, it used to be the emplacement of Spetses, as indicated by the cannons. Around Dàpia, you will find tourist shops, cafés, and great attractions. Spetses benchmark is the old port, with many shipyards, which unfolds in a setting reminiscent of old Greek cinema movies! It is worth getting a carriage along the beautiful coastal route of the island. In the old port, you will find stylishly café/bars, picturesque taverns and fish restaurants, as well as luxury restaurants. And in case you want to dive, a stone's throw from the city, there are beautiful beaches.


The peaceful island of Poros

Travel Guide of Greek island in Greece. Poros island

Although Poros lacks the cosmopolitan character of Hydra and Spetses, it has, however, an unpretentious charm which makes it absolutely lovable! In its tiny capital, the neoclassical buildings, the captains’ mansions, the whitewashed houses with bougainvillea, the narrow cobbled streets and the harbor with boats coming and going from Galatàs compose a scene which breathes a sweet nostalgia! The city's heart beats on the port which is ideal for endless romantic walks. As for swimming, in Poros you will find many romantic coves, in some of which pine trees reach the shore.


The romantic island of Agistri

Travel Guide of Greek island in Greece. Agistri island

The full of pine trees island of Agistri, despite the constant increase of tourism, has managed to maintain its low profile, remaining a perfect option for those seeking peace, relaxation, privacy and contact with nature. It is a small paradise, with pine forests of untold beauty. Browse the village of Skala with the picturesque church of Agioi Anargyroi; trademark of the island, and walk in the cobbled streets of Megalochóri, among houses with flower gardens and whitewashed terraces, which have something of Cyclades charm!


The picturesque island of Aegina

Travel Guide of Greek island in Greece. Aegina island

Last but not least, there is Aegina, the largest island of the Argosaronic Gulf. A must visit in Aegina is the harbor promenade, with its colorful neoclassic buildings, the moored boats, the wagons, the floating grocery stores, and the trendy café/bars. In most boat cruises the opportunity to visit the church of Agios Nektarios, the Temple of Aphaia or swim in an organized beach is given. In any case, do not leave this island without buying the famous Aegina pistachios, as well as local specialties and herbal cosmetics based on pistachio.


So, put in your backpack what is absolutely necessary and get ready for a journey full of unforgettable images, traditional Greek flavors, lots of light and swimming in the beautiful blue waters of the Argosaronic Gulf!



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