Day Trip to the beauties of Corinth

The first trip of our team to the countless destinations one can reach in this blessed country is to Stymfalia and Doxa lakes in the mountainous Corinth. We started at 9.15 in the morning with the Stymfalia’s Environment Museum, which belongs to the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Group, as our first destination.


Our tour therein lasted about 45 minutes. There we learned about Stimfalia region’s geology, the manner in which Stimfalia and Doxa lakes were created, through a video projection and lasers which fell onto a specially designed construction, which represented the geomorphological structure of the wider region. We read about Hadrian's Aqueduct; Stymfalia lake’s habitat and we learned about the daily activities of the people who lived and still live near the lake and in the surrounding area. It is worth going to the terrace of the museum and trying to see through the special binoculars rare bird species of Stimfalia lake. Even if you do not manage to see them, the view alone from up there will certainly reimburse you.


Leaving the museum we headed to Doxa lake, where local vendors welcomed us by offering their local products (bread, nuts and honey). We took some pictures of Agios Fanourios chapel located in Palaiomonastiro area beside the lake and then headed to Agios Georgios Monastery in Feneos; ten minutes car trip.


There, Father Gennadius welcomed us and treated us rose spoon sweet made by the monks. Inside the monastery you can admire unique paintings (since 1745), a picturesque church with a magnificent chandelier hanging from the ceiling, as well as the Krifó scholió "secret school" (supposedly illegal underground schools for teaching the Greek language and Christian doctrines, provided by the Greek Orthodox Church under Ottoman rule in Greece between the 15th and 19th centuries) located in the attic above the chapel.


After a morning full of experiences on both lakes, we arrived at Trikala of Corinth (31 km away) and tasted lamb chops in the tavern “T'agnanti". Once we found our strength again, we completed our day trip with a hot coffee. "Café Lithino" was the place where we had a delicious coffee, on the second floor which looks like a chalet. Our trip back to Athens soon had to start. Filled with images from beautiful landscapes and good hearted people we are looking forward to our next trip.


Travel Data

For our trip we traveled 360 km and the car consumed diesel cost 25 euros. The tolls cost 8.60 euros in total and the tickets for the Stimfalia Museum were 3 euros per person.

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